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18 June 2010

[TRANS] Yuchun's Interview - I shall confess, If I like someone

In BeeTV drama【Beautiful_Love~君がいれば~】, Yuchun challenges his acting in Japanese TV drama for the first time.

'Since I do not have any experience, moreover is in Japanese language, so (I feel) a bit worried and nervous. Whether it is going to say in such way, really painful. It was truly difficult for a newcomer on the first day of shooting , yet (I was) having a great time.
Although I was tired, my mood was good! It was like that. However the scenes that filmed on the first day, now really want to remake it.(lol)
I am going to act more perfectly if it is now~! Speaking about embarrassing moments, that was when resting in the middle of filming on the beach, when was about to sit down, because legs of the chair were buried in the sand so it was distorted, (I) wasn't aware of it so fall down. Besides that still got a lot of embarrassing moments, but (I am) not going to tell you, is a secret!'

Yonsu that you portrayed is aggressive towards women, what do you think of Yonsu?

'Overall I'm not so sure (lol), but I will be the same as Yonsu, if I like someone I am going to confess!
However if the person is same as Yonsu who likes to fool around with girls, that kind of person please do not hesitate to leave him, in my opinion should get into a relationship naturally with good intention.
For me, a girl who is like an angel can charm away (worries). I am going to work hard too, to present that kind of feelings to fans. From now on whether it is singing or acting, (I am) going to face whatever challenge~!'

Credit: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheICe@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

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