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18 June 2010

T.O.P “Tell me more about TOP” Interview

Tell Me Big Bang – The Featured Series STARTS!

After their startling appearance on the last issue, Big Bang members are back for this series that aims to dig out the very details of their personalities!!
To lead off, here is T.O.P who revealed the playful side of himself.

① Which song would you like to share with your beloved one?
Gara Gara GO!!.
I want to build up a relationship that my lover and I could help each other during difficult times. With the flow of Gara Gara GO!!, hopefully we can spend a happy life together.

② Is there any Japanese song in your i-pod?
I do not put Japanese songs in my i-pod. I like La mer by Nine Inch Nails.

③ What is the moment that makes you think you are the coolest?
I would say moments when I am performing. Times when I am on the stage or in the scope of the camera.
In normal life… I think I am just so so.(:D)

④ If you were a girl, who would you choose to be your lover amongst the members?
This question! Really~ I’ve been asked about the same question for many times. The answer is myself.

⑤ What do you think is the cute part of Japanese/Korean girls?
Japanese girls are able to express their own characteristics freely. However, they know the means to protect themselves and are more careful than they appear to be.
In contrast, Korean girls may look confined but they actually have more bolding ideas than one could imagine. I find them cool.

⑥ Where would you go for a date?
Daikanyama! It’s a place with few people. I want to have afternoon tea in one of the stylish cafes there. Moreover, you can find elegant wine bars there. Isn’t it great to have a date at the open terrace of an Italian wine bar?

⑦ What attracts your attention in Japanese convenient stores?
(After hearing SOL’s answer “Tamago” (eggs), he wanted to make it rhyme, so he answered:) For me, “Tabacco”. I’m just kidding! (:D)

⑧Among all curries sold in CoCo Ichibanya* (the favourite of the five of them), which topping do you like?
Though I will definitely eat CoCo Ichi’s curry if we come to Japan, I am not a huge fan of curry. Therefore, I am not particular with the types of topping. Something simple would be fine.

⑨ What do you always have in your bag?
Dior Homme fragrance. I’ve been using it for many years.

⑩ What do you think you will become in 10 years time?
I believe I’ll be a person who always care about the others regardless of being an artist or an actor.
I want to become someone who can live up on expectations. Someone who stands at the top just like my name T.O.P.

Vol.1 Tell Me More About T.O.P

T.O.P: At the beginning, I have never imagined that Big Bang could be so widely received in Japan. On one hand, I was worried that our Korean fans might feel lonely after we left for Japan. On the other hand, I wondered if we could become popular in Japan since our music style seemed to be different compared to Japanese artists. (:D)
However, probably due to our uniqueness and our unrestrained performances on the stage, we are able to be accepted as the new image which contrasts against the mainstream fashion.
Our music nowadays attracts more music lovers as well as male fans. I am thankful to their supports!!

LOL tamaago tabacco! hahaha TOP you’re the man! ^^

Thanks Jane @ bbupdates

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