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08 June 2010

Success for 2NE1 Park Bom for her all-vegetable diet

Girlgroup 2NE1 member Park Bom achieves success with her lettuce diet.

Recently Park Bom reveals a recent selca photo taken in the recording room on her me2day on 7th June. In the photo, Park Bom is seem with a more slender jaw line. She was also seen with a funny pose in the photo. Park Bom wrote on her me2day, “I am playing around while sitting on the massage chair in the recording room. Does the glasses and the expression go together?”

Many netizens have voiced their surprise at Park Bom’s recent and more slender features. Just recently, fellow member Sandara Park posted up that Park Bom is on a all-vegetable diet.

Meanwhile, previously Park Bom was criticised by netizens for her swell-up body, many pointed out, “It seems she has not been managing her body and health well.”

S: SeoulNTN

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