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21 June 2010

SBS Inkigayo criticised for subtitle errors

SBS Inkigayo has been criticised by netizens for subtitle error.

On SBS Inkigayo aired on 20th June, during newcomer idol group Infinite’s live performance of their debut song ‘Come Back Again’, the subtitles that was shown was ‘f(x) ‘NU ABO’.

But from the SBS side, there was no comment on it or a correction subtitles for it, which had attracted crticisims from netizens. Netizens’ comments were, “Because they are newcomers, they are just going to let it pass? The singer is going to feel hurt about it.”

Meanwhile, also on the show, Orange Caramel’s member Lizzy was also spelt wrongly as Rizzy.

S: Newsen

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