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14 June 2010

Rumored info on Taeyang's and Big Bang's upcoming albums

Taeyang's first album 'REAL' tracklist.

01 the real rise
02 where u at?
03 intoxication
04 잡을수있다면
05 day by day
06 쉬어
07 jammin' wit me
08 wedding dress
09 fatal 4 way
10 대화
11 shine'em

* all tracks are produced by Teddy, Kush and Taeyang

On the other hand, a new album from Big Bang is scheduled for release this summer. The album is reportedly planned to be called "Electricity" based on a stronger electronic/hip-hop style.

Emphasis on "rumored". The source actually posted this up like a legit info, but I say it's a rumor until YG confirms it.

Original source: bigbanghaven.blogspot source: yg_bigbang

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