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08 June 2010

Rain’s win at 2010 MTV Movie Awards – Paris Hilton’s look and Jay Park’s congratulatory message

Winning the ‘Biggest Badass Award’ with his role in recent movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on 6th June, Rain relays his gratitude to fans.

He wrote on his homepage (www.rain-jihoon.com) after the award ceremony, “I was so nervous I didn’t thank my fans, so sorry about that. Because of everyone, I am able to receive this big award. I will continued make everyone proud as fans of the person called Rain.”

Meanwhile, celebrity Paris Hilton’s look when Rain won the award as well as Jay Park’s congratulatory message to Rain have also garnered much attention after the award was announced.

When the award was announced, TV viewers got a glimpse of celebrity Paris Hilton with the camera capture. And that had also become hot issue amongst netizens online. Paris Hilton has previously given high rating for Rain’s movie ‘Ninja Assassin’. And when Rain was awarded at the awards ceremony, she was seen with a smile. And Korean netizens are getting enthusiastic over the moment, “Look at Paris Hilton’s look at the moment”.

Jay Park has also tweeted about Rain’s win at the awards on his Twitter on 7th June saying, “Congratulations to Bi hyung! Much respect to Rain for getting the award at the MTV movie awards~”

Having debuted through JYP, Jay has mentioned that Rain is one of his role models. Since the 2 are both on the path of acting in Hollywood, there is great interests as to how the 2′s interaction will be like if they are to meet.

Meanwhile, Rain will return to Korea on 8th June and will be starting on his Japanese concert tour from mid June.

Sources: TVDaily, Newsen


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