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20 June 2010

[PHOTOS/TRANSLATIONS] G-Dragon’s “Top 10 Looks” on a Chinese Magazine

Basically this a review on the top 10 ‘cool looks’ G-Dragon has sported. But then again haven’t all of his looks been ’cool? (^^)

G-Dragon Coolest Words:
1. My childhood motto is – to keep a calm mind, to have a fiery heart.
2. Sometimes I will be a little paranoid, things must be placed in the correct positions, then only I would feel
3. My character is the type that once I have a “No” in mind, I will say it out even if it brings death.
4. In the future at the time of death, if I am to choose a person to guard that position for me, I will choose
Taeyang without hesitation.
5. “Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die”, although these words can be interpreted in many ways but for me it is, “no matter how the indecisiveness and setbacks attack me, it is too early to give up like this”. In order to renew my mood, I craved these words on the back.
6. It doesn’t matter even if we fell down, because we are still young.
7. Singers are empty brained; they are ‘actors’ and ‘puppets’ designed by their respective companies. I dislike this kind of prejudiced views. I want to become a singer with my own mind.
8. During the early days of debut, as a leader, in order to supervise the members, I have to be the wicked
person who holds the whip. People who saw me outside my work said that I was like a fool.

Coolest Guy G-Dragon
Icon fanatic top 10 looks:
G-Dragon, leader of Big Bang, lion male, fashion fanatic…being individualistic is GD’s constant attitude. For him, there is nothing he dare not attempt, as long as he has thought about it, he will certainly do it. Influenced by his mother since childhood, GD has a fondness in buying clothes. Gradually, this created GD’s ultra sensitive fashion sense. Regardless whether it is on stage or private style, it gives people the thrilling sensation.

Top 1 Cool Look – Mozart’s wavy curls

There is a song called ‘A Boy’ in GD’s solo album, an autobiography kind of song. It’s about his mental experience from a 13-year old to the present success. ‘A Boy’ began the second wave of main stage after . GD’s instantaneous change in hairstyle gave the fans who are used to the changes a very big surprise. According to GD himself, the reason why he turned the blonde hair into wavy form was to let everyone think of the genius composer Mozart’s hairstyle.

Top 2 Cool Look – Crazy in love with tattoos

GD said that whenever he wants to achieve a purpose, he will go and have a tattoo first. His right arm is inked with “VITA DOLCE”, left arm with “MODERATO” which mean sweet life and moderate tempo. On his back “Too fast to live, too young to die” the inner feeling implies GD’s constant caution to his young self.

Top 3 Cool Look – Japanese styled glasses

Japanese males’ dressing are bold and individualistic. During Big Bang’s activity in Japan, they will certainly “do as the Romans do” to go with the current trend. Therefore, glasses became GD’s main Japanese LOOK.

Top 4 Cool Look – Gorgeous hair hoops

Icon GD has a very keen sense in fashion, will always develop a fondness for some trendy items for a certain period of time. Last spring, GD showed some favoritism for hair hoops. He has been photographed in various occasions wearing the golden color, silver and black color hair hoops. Later the bohemian colored hair hoop has also become his prop.

Top 5 Cool Look – The red and white world

Almost every one of Big Bang’s styles is COOL. GD’s hairstyle from the apple head, mushroom head, Mohican head to pony’s tail, the constant changes are very bold. But during his SOLO activities, GD finally got his wish to freely create an unusual look for himself. Using the heart shape for is too bland, so GD came up with the idea of using the apple to represent the heart as its outer contour is similar to the heart, and thus expressing the feeling of the heartbreakers. Blonde hair, cold eyes and colorless lips, it gave out an intense visual effect.

Top 6 Cool Look – Colorful Lollipop

The main feature in LG’s Lollipop advertisement is colorfulness. Mixing the most dazzling and unusual colors together, it is very enjoyable. GD has already become very accustomed to unusual clothing but he paid a lot of attention to the accessories. From necklaces to rings, earrings and wristwatch, each item selected is very eye-catching, let alone the effect of the combinations.

Top 7 Cool Look – The gorgeous high-profile

GD’s boldest and most exaggerated look is not on the stage or in the advertisement but in the magazine photo shoot. Last year’s SOLO activities gave GD more opportunities to have his own magazine photo shoots. Fashion magazines such as and gave him the opportunity to have self-breakthrough. The gorgeous, evil and seductive, GD had courageously attempted all the exaggerated styles, winning praises for the visual effects.

Top 8 Cool Look – Excessively long bangs

November 2008′s formal release of the second album was the beginning of the heyday for Big Bang. GD’s style is still out of the ordinary. Although the release was quite satisfactory but the earrings are still very cool. Coupled with the bangs funnily covering the eyes, it is extremely cool.

Top 9 Cool Look – Cute pot lid head

Last year at the Mnet award ceremony, during GD and 2NE1′s combined stage performance; it was the charming Mohican head. During the SOLO performance, his hairstyle instantly turned into a mild-mannered “pot lid head”, causing people to imagine, could this be the trend of 2010?

Top 10 Cool Look – Dances with dog

GD was the NII CF model, pet dog Gaho had also benefitted from its owner, gloriously appearing in the photo shooting. Inherited GD’s cool characteristics, Gaho’s cool expression was very much in place. In contrast, GD who usually acts cool, seems very much gentler.

Translated by Miseremei @ bigbanghaven.blogspot.com

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