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07 June 2010

Onew’s Got Spicy Hands

SHINee’s eternally cheerful Onew surprised many others when he displayed an unanticipated amount of strength on the set of KBS 2TV’s ‘Night Star.’

During the episode’s recording, the ‘people who are scheduled to enlist within one month’ were asked to gather around for an activity. While waiting for everyone to whom this was applicable to, the MCs of the show attempted to guess how many people would get together. Eventually, Onew was marked as the clear winner, and to celebrate his victory, the normally boyishly-cute idol flicked his sunbae’s forehead with his hands.

The sunbae did not anticipate that the attack would be harmful, as he had some background knowledge of Onew’s kind reputation. Unfortunately, Onew’s flick was much more painful than his outward appearance suggested, and it’s been said that the victim could not come to his senses after being hit. The cast of the show was very surprised at Onew’s strength, and described his hand as “spicy,” which is the Korean way of saying that a person’s hit will sting or be very painful.

This episode will be broadcasted to interested viewers on June 6th.

Sources: newsen.com + kpoplive
Translation: livelaughlove@soompi.com
Video: weareshining4 Night Star cut

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