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19 June 2010

Meant to be the 5th member of Brown Eyed Girls, Yoari debuts as solo singer

Known for her powerful vocals, new singer Yoari debuts!

In 2006, Yoari was actually the 5th member of female group Brown Eyed Girls. Despite her tender age, Yoari had garnered interest with her powerful vocals. But her agency NaeGa Network had felt that Yoari was more suited for rock music and had her in band Springkler.

But Springkler’s activities ended early, and after that Brown Eyed Girls became more well known and established in the mainstream music market. It was hard for Yoari. It was known that she even sang the guide tracks for Brown Eyed Girls.

Yoari said, “Whenever I sang the guide tracks for Brown Eyed Girls, I felt really sad. But also thanks to that, I’ve learnt a lot too. And now I can debut as solo.”

The solo debut song ‘Excuse Me’ is released on 18th June showcases Yoari’s unique and powerful vocals well.


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