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20 June 2010

Leeteuk danced to Sorry, Sorry nude ?

On the June 19th broadcast of Star Golden Bell, Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed that he’s danced to Sorry Sorry naked.

The lovable leader started off by saying, “I went to the sauna and got caught by a group of people, and I danced for them.”

However, he revealed that it wasn’t all that easy, even with his celebrity status, as he continued, “Someone poured cold water over me. They splashed water on me in the bath and tried to pick a fight by saying, ‘Hey you, celebrity,’ and I angrily responded, ‘What?’”

He explained his apprehension as he said the group of people opposite of him had tattoos of lions, dragons and tigers. He told the crowd, “I just continued and yelled at them, ‘What?’ However, they suddenly asked me, ‘You do Sorry Sorry, right?’ and they asked me to dance for them.”

Leeteuk, being the nice guy he is, granted their request by dancing to his hit song. Originally he was just going to dance to one measure of the song, but the people said they liked the next part of the choreography. In the end, Super Junior’s leader had no choice but to embarassingly cross his arms and shake his hips in his birthday suit.

Cr: allkpop

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