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06 June 2010

Lee Hyori, “I got warned by Yang HyunSeok after bringing DaeSung out for drinking session”

Lee Hyori reveals an episode where she goes for drinking session with junior singers.

Lee Hyori was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 5th June when she was asked “What is your favourite gathering”, and she answered, “As compared to karaoke session with idols, I like having drinking session with the Family members.”

Lee Hyori added, “When I go drinking with the Family members like Yoo JaeSeok and Yoon JongShin, I can relate my troubles and they also listen to me well.” And about the drinking capacity of the Family members, Lee Hyori said, “Kim JongKook don’t drink even a cup considering his build, while Yoo JaeSeok can’t drink even a cup. But they will stay until the end even it is hard to stay when you don’t drink.”

She continued, “Kim SooRo surprisingly drinks well. People who drink are Yoon JongShin, Lee CheonHee, Park YeJin and me. The idols not only have many restrictions, they can’t drink well too. Idols think that I’m scary and I also think that their presidents are scary.”

On the show, she picked Big Bang DaeSung and KARA Goo Hara as idols whom she is close to and they will drink together. Lee Hyori revealed, “When I go drinking with DaeSung, Yang HyunSeok called me and said ‘What do you think you are doing?’. He told me not to lead DaeSung on the wrong path.”

And regarding drinking with Goo Hara, “Goo Hara and me once went drinking together, and we vomitted during our schedule the next day. KARA’s agency president was my ex-president, and he said to me ‘You still haven’t fix this bad habit of you, have you?’.”

Meanwhile, on the show, Lee Hyori performed the song ‘Bring It Back’, ’10 Minutes’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.


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