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15 June 2010

Jay's younger sister for Hype Nation revealed

The movie that group 2PM's ex member Jaebum will be starring in has finalized its casting for the female role.

Rookie group RaNia's agency DrMusic stated that RaNia member T-ae will be playing the role of Park Jaebum's younger sister.

T-ae has prepared as a member of RaNia and will be showing off the entire group in Hype Nation.

T-ae's casting was finalized with producer Teddy's last recommendations.

T-ae will be playing the role of a sexy charismatic younger sister, an important role in the battle between Jaebum's b-boy team vs idol group B2K.

T-ae stated, "I'm glad to be able to participate in a Hollywood movie before even debuting. I know this movie is a big opportunity for me."

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