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20 June 2010

iWeekly Magazine Issue 659

(Left Side)
Super number

Korean famous band finally arrived to Singapore. I magazine reports:
SJ arrived Singapore at 2:30pm on 6June, together with 9 staffs from Korea. Although all of them left the airport through Jet Quay guest path way, there are still more than 20 vans that are rented by fans following their mini bus.

That night, the closed concert is the only chance where fans could meet there own idols. Some fans said that they had started lining up at 6 in the morning. According to the official number, it has a 20x20M temporary stage, a 16M LED screen. That night, there are 2200 fans joining the concert.

After the concert, SJ went to the airport at 9pm, taking their departure back to Seoul at 10pm.

Though this activity only lasted for half day, it was said that the organizer had already used capital of 5digits.

The report will end here. Kamsahamnida.

(Right Side)
SJ Twitter craze
SJ, who are coming to Singapore for the promotion of hand phone, will have some interaction with fans through twitter.

(Top left photo)
Eunhyuk and Donghae’s self cam before leaving Korea.
(Top right photo)
Donghae’s self cam during press conference.
(Photos beneath)
Donghae@press conference, Shindong demonstrating Samsung phone’s camera and twitter function.
(Eunhyuk’s photos)
Before and after depaerture, Eunhyuk had shared some of his moments with us
(Donghae and Yesung’s photo)
Donghae reported his condition right after arriving back to Korea.

(Pink box)
Concert Notice

SJ’s Asia tour concert Super Show 3 will be held at Seoul Olympic Stadium on 14August. A total of 16 shows will be held in Beijing, Bangkok, Manila etc., as well as Singapore. The organizer RITS will be posting up more information about the concert later.

Super Idol
This was supposed to be the cover story of the magazine, but the interview was a bit too late.
I magazine had an interview with SJ through e-mail, and this will be premiere published!

Super Junior-the visit of a popular band
Only for 8 hours, but the 9 boys had already let us understood, what is the meaning of a legendary idol group.

All within expectation. During the press conference, when 9 boys came out, the camera flash lights kept flashing nonstop for 5 minutes. They greeted the people, ‘Hello, we are Super Junior!’, with their shouts and gestures, surely gave out a dignified feeling.
Including the interview, the whole press conference lasted for 15 minutes. The host had mention that SJ will only answer 3 questions, and those questions have to be picked by the staffs beforehand. We later found out, the security measures that day was very stringently, all the exits and lifts in the whole floor were blockaded, as if the royalties had came for a tour, showing the preciousness of the Korean top band.

Moreover, there were much more that were unexpected.

During the press conference, the 9 boys, who had rushed there right after they arrived, had no signs of tiredness on their face, instead, hanging wide smiles on their lips, especially the leader Leeteuk, who smiled all through the process, answering all the questions asked.

They also showed off their talents, with dancing king Eunhyuk having an impromptu dance, the handsome Donghae spontaneously showing the phone for the promotion, Ryewook answering the answers seriously, Shindong, who was sitting on the right still has his own unique humor, playing a cheering sound clip from the phone, as the reporters laughed and cheered for them. One of the reporters’ mic wasn’t working during the questioning, and being a gentleman he is, Siwon stood up and handed his mic to that reporter. For the following mini concert, although there was some technical problem with audio equipment, the 9 boys’ dance/attitude/stage appearance was still perfect.

In order have a early celebratin of Rywook’s 23th birthday, Leeteuk/Sungmin./Donghae/Shindong picked up the confetti on the ground and placing it on Ryewook’s hair. Siwon and Donghae were playing crazily, grabbing cameras wherever they were from and took photos of themselves. Heechul, who called himself Cinderella had his thin shoulder strap exposed, and bear-hugging Donghae. Donghae would help Eunhyuk remove the confetti on his chest. Meanwhile, Leeteuk rushed down the stage, smiling and shook hands with the fans-surely the most wise idea. Having 9 members out of 13 coming, but they already attracted more than 2000 audiences.

And me, who doesn’t buy the idea of idol’s typical greeting methods, is as well impressed by them.

The new album BONAMANA(Minah)’s Indian concept is very fresh, where are the inspirations and ideas all from?
Eunhyuk: Ice skating, Michael Jackson
Donghae: Kim Yu-Na
Kyuhyun: Recently, Korea’s performance in ice skating and roller skating are quite good, we got the inspiration from these.
Ryewook: Ice skating→Korea→Korea popular band→Super Junior→a Korea popular band that can do ice skating

BONAMANA means beauty, so who do you think is the most beautiful among all of you? Why?
Leeteuk/Shindong: Me!! It’s so obvious…
Yesung: Shindong! He’s the most handsome!
Sungmin: Sungmin! I’m the most important!
Eunhyuk: Sungmin! He never grows old!
Donghae: Donghae.
Heechul/Siwon: All 10 of us. Super Junior is ONE.
Ryewook: I think it should be Leeteuk because he works hard in everything he does. He will considerate the other members. His kindness make him the most handsome guy.

SORRY SORRY created a wave of dance craze, and now we have BONAMANA. What is the hardest song that you had danced to?
Eunhyuk: Every time after dancing BONAMANA, I feel like running a 200M race.
Shindong: The chorography of BONAMANA is difficult.
Donghae: I think it should be SORRY SORRY. Although the steps are quite simple, but we practiced a lot to make the dance in order to have a perfect performance.

The concept of SORRY SORRY is gentleman style, and this time a beasty style, having different members showing their abs. Is it true that everyone started training muscles after seeing Siwon’s abs?
Leeteuk: Siwon’s abs is too much for us to be jealous of. But changing our image is a interesting idea.
Eunhyuk: Actually, we all admire each other…the reason I started training my muscles is to let Siwon admire me…haha.
Siwon: I had the habit of doing gym, but when I see the characters in dramas, I will be more hard working; actually other members had been training for some time too.
Yesung: No no…Ever since SORRY SORRY I had been doing gym in the playground in front of my house!
Ryewook: Is Eunhyuk who brought me to the gym first, and then later on I started to get interested. Now I’m still having constant exercise.

The image after applying eyeliner is very stunning, after these 5 years after debut you have been trying different styles, what others do you what to try?
Leeteuk: A T-shirt with elasticity.
Eunhyuk: Leggings! The leg will look slimmer and longer.
Ryewook: Any clothes that can show my abs.
Heechul: I want to have beard.
Shindong: I’ve tried many different styles, except one, and that is the one that I can show my body shape…

It has been a year before releasing your album, with the increasing numbers of new groups in Korea, how can you manage to keep the first place among the boy groups?
Heechul: We know each other very well; the relationship between each other is deeper when compared with other groups.
Yesung: We all worked hard to show a new feeling of our comeback.
Sugnmin: We all have different talents, so we could have many different things to show to our fans.
Kyuhyun: We are very nice to our fans…maybe this can add bonus?

Credits to I Weekly Magazine
Scanned by Juan ❤ Sapphire@sj-world.net
Translated by 3unam@sj-world.net

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