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09 June 2010

Hype Nation to be produced in 3D, updates on female cast

2PM's former member Jaebum's movie 'Hype Nation' will be produced in 3D.

'Hype Nation's producer Jason Lee stated on the 9th, "CJ Venture Capital has made an investment, allowing us to produce the movie in 3D. We will be using two German cameras in order to create a vibrant 3D image."

Jaebum is currently getting ready for the crank in (14th) and is set to enter Korea with his American cast mates and staff members. He has already completed the OST recording last April with American hip hop artists Snoop Dog, R&B singer Brandon, and popular American rapper T-Pain.

Jason Lee went on to state, "It hasn't been decided as to whether we will include all of the tracks Jaebum recorded for the OST but regardless, everything is completed."

The role of Jaebum's younger sister has also not been confirmed yet. He revealed, "She is a member of a rookie girl group that is preparing for debut. She has starred in a lot of CFs such as finance."

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