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06 June 2010

GaIn does event for Jo Kwon with surprise back hug

GaIn does a special event for Jo Kwon with surprise back hug.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 5th June, the Adam Couple Jo Kwon and GaIn were featured on their vacation to Hong Kong. In the last episode, Jo Kwon tried to get a back hug from GaIn but GaIn had rejected.

Back then GaIn said, “I will reject as I have an event prepared.” But for the episode aired on 5th June, GaIn had given Jo Kwon a surprise back hug. Jo Kwon was seen flustered and his expressions showed that he didn’t hate it at all.

Apart from that, GaIn also gave Jo Kwon a bouquet of chocolate flowers she made herself. GaIn also offered to get couple rings, but Jo Kwon had pretended that he did not hear it.

Jo Kwon then tried to show his appreciation and placed some chocolate on his lips, attempting to do their chocolate kiss from the previous time again. But attempt failed so Jo Kwon placed a peck on GaIn’s cheek.


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