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07 June 2010

f(x) Krystal apologises officially after being criticised for inappropriate broadcast attitude

“I’m sorry for the disappointment for not displaying the proper manners in the previous broadcast appearance.”

f(x) Krystal has been in the limelight for her broadcast attitude during her recently appearance on MBC ‘SaeBaGwi’ and has posted up an official apology for that. During the show that day, seonbae singer Tae JinAh was having a phonecall quiz with Maya, Krystal was seen with a bored experssion, her head lowered and her legs crossed and her toes showing. TV viewers have commented that Krystal had looked, “Uncomfortable.”

Krystal then posted up an apology on f(x) official homepage on 6th June, “I repented on what I did. I will make sure that such will not happen again, and I will always be alert and show my hard-working features. I will apologise again for the worry I caused to fans and TV viewers for not being alert on the show.”

Netizens’ comments on Krytal’s apology was are, “Do work harder in the future”, “Even though your behaviour was a little too much, I still hope to see you do well the next time.” etc.


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