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06 June 2010

First Fan Account of the Atlanta WG/2PM Concert


Okay, so I’m a co-city leader for Atlanta in the Hottest City of the Day project. I was only able to buy a general admission ticket, so I was bummed. But, I met Cailtin and her friend, Jessica, at the CNN center where we decorated the cooler full of cokes and then walked to the venue. It was maybe around 4:30 when we got there and there was a LONG line, lol. So, we made our way around back and saw some security guards at the door. We went through the gates and one of them was like, “You can’t go back there.” I was like. “This is food for 2PM. We’re just delivering it.” SO, he said he’d take it for us, which I’m fine with because it was heavy. So, we’re leaving and then two of the JYP people (obvs. because they were Korean with badges) came over and thanked us for the food. Even though they already had a chick-fil-a party. :( Lol. BUT, they said thank you again and asked if we were all VIP. Caitlin and Jessica were like, “Yes.” But I was like, “No.” And he said, “Why not?” And I told him I didn’t get a ticket in time. So he said, “Nope, you’re VIP now. Just go in with them and I’ll let them know.

My reaction? “OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

So we waited in line for awhile and I met this nice girl named Syndey from Little Rock, Arkansas. So we were talking and what not, waiting to go inside. And FINALLY! Around six or so, we get to go in. I explained the people out front what the deal was and they let me in no problem. My anticipation was growing as I approached the VIP area. So we’re waiting in line and suddenly I see blonde hair and I’m like, “OMG, OMG, It’s NICHKHUN!”

And I had promised myself not to be a fan girl…but then I started screaming my head off because I saw Wooyoung. LOL! So everyone’s screaming while 2PM is getting situated by their screen and the WG by theirs. Finally, Sydney, her mom and I get up to the WG screen and say hello to them and take a photo. They’re so pretty and nice!

And then, it’s 2PM time. The guy who had let me in as a VIP asked me if I was the 2PM fan when he saw me and I’m like, “OH yeah!” So we get there. AND OMG, first it was Taecyeon, then Junho, then Nichkhun, then Wooyung then Chansung. LOL. I said “ahnyong haseyo” to them and immediately by-lined for Wooyoung. Lol. I ended up standing in between Wooyoung and Nichkhun.

And then…

something magical happened…

Lol. Nichkhun spoke to me!

He said, “You can come closer. I don’t bite.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I died right there. Lol. They’re so dazzling in person. I almost died. They’re so niceeee.

Okay, after epic waiting for the concert 2PM came out first!

These are the songs they did in order, “Without U”, “Heartbeat”, “Again and Again”, “I Hate You” and “10 out of 10”. OMG. I was in the balcony with Syndey and her mom and we had a great view of the stage. Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Chansung all pointed and winked at us! LOL! I diedddd. Even though I’m not a Chansung fan when he did that I almost was. Hehehe.

They talked in English, but the fans were screaming (as was I). Wooyoung’s English is sooooo cute! :) Awww, he’s adorable. I like him even more now. And they’re all super nice. They were sooo surprised by the amount of fan support and said they’d come back!

Okay, so they left… :(

The mood visibly became less excited. I love the Wonder Girls, but 2PM has so much energy and all.

They performed a few songs I didn’t know and then Yenny said, “Hello DC!” And the WGs were like, “What?” And she was like, “OMG, I’m sorry.” Lol. I like her. They did “So Hot”, “Saying I love You”, “Dontca” (PCD), “Nobody-Rainstone Remix-“, “Nobody”, and “Tell Me.” Or and “Survivor” (Destiny’s Child) and “Stickwitu” by IDK. Lol. Then each girl did a solo stage. I loved Hye rim’s! She’s growing on me.

Let’s see….OH! During “Nobody”…Yenny fell. :( But the other girls helped her up without stopped the song. Wonder Girls fighting!

I set by an adorable little Korean girl. She was so excited to see 2PM! Lol. She was dancing and reaching out to them. So cute!

All-in-all, I had a fantastic time! 2PM said they’d be back again to Atlanta because they love us! :D

Credits: Chelsea and Hottest City of the Day

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