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14 June 2010

[Fanaccount] 100613 Thanksgiving Concert

1. Today I paid attention to the fans too, looking at the t-shirts, there were more Yoochun fans~ (but only by a little, it was pretty much even) There were Yunho fans and Changmin fans! There were way more fans wearing XIAH shirts with the pink towels (Korean fans?) than yesterday~! Today’s spot is where Junsu would walk by more often so I could see more pink towels!

3. Fanboy…… Junsu wins!! So many fanboys wore Junsu shirts! The fanboy in front of me was wearing a Jaejoong T-shirt, but after watching intoxication, his screams changed from “Jaejoong~” to “Junus~” (laughs) KO today during the solo dance did the Summer Dream move where you are on the ground pretending to be a flower, definitely a Junsu fan! (laughs)

3. Today i realized the first song is my all time favorite!!! When listening to it, it is so touching

4. During the first MC, Jaejoong said something and the entire dome went High!!! Made me so happy

5. Today’s live seems happier than yesterday’s, everyone could use a relaxed and happy feeling to enjoy this performance. The three member’s MC is more fun than yesterday~ The three of them had a great time, especially 2J! They were so funny and so happy^^. Because it will be in the DVD, I just remembered it was very interesting, so everyone will have to wait for to watch it on the DVD to know about it! (Please look forward to it)

6. Yoochun’s girlfriend~ today was 15 as well. When Yoochun found out he picked another girl that is 15, it felt like he was saying “I’m amazing right?” (laughs) This girl’s name is amazingly MIKI as well~ But compared to the shy girl yesterday, today’s girl was kinda cold… not Yoochun’s fan… Sorry Yoochun…XDD

7. There’s no question that the three members were amazing today! So handsome, so funny, so cute

8. Even thought Jaejoong is in the middle playing with 2J and soulmate XDD, but I felt like Yoochun finds his opportunities to approach Junsu, so many times when Jaejoong MC, Yoochun would touch Junsu even though there weren’t many chances to do so

9. In the end of the end, Jaejoong cried…… Junsu cried too… Yoochun,,, I didn’t pay attention XDDD

10. Its not the stage with Tohoshinki that we are familiar with,,, but the three member’s stage was also exciting. Later when the DVD comes out, its a must buy (laughs)

credit: princesaS@XIAHKING
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun+dbskdream

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