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11 June 2010

Casting for the role of Jay’s sister in Hype Nation finalised

The movie ‘Hype Nation,’ which is gathering interest because of former 2PM member Jaebeom’s role in it, has revealed the candidates for the female lead.

On the 10th, the producer of ‘Hype Nation’ revealed the 7 candidates for the role of Jaebeom’s little sister in the film.

Teddy Riley, who is involved in both the music and casting of the movie, came to Korea 2 years ago and picked members of a new and powerful girl group, one of which is expected to be selected for the female lead of ‘Hype Nation.’

The is the first time a clear selection has been indicated regarding the female lead of the movie. They come from Korea, China, and Thailand, and it has been revealed that they have been trainees at a certain music company for 3 years.

Teddy will enter Korea in the middle of the month and will proceed to record this group’s album, and he will also decide the team name.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Hype Nation’ is a dance movie about an Asian b-boy team going to a worldwide b-boy competition and afterward attempting to find success in America. Jaebeom’s confirmed role in it has caused much interest in Korea.

In the past, the female lead of the movie had been given to Son Dambi and BoA. The movie is expected to premiere in the summer of 2011.

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