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19 June 2010

Big Bang's 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album info and countdown to Taeyang's album release

Big Bang - 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album

After focusing mainly on solo and Japan activities in 2009, Big Bang started off 2010 with a three-day concert tour at Seoul's Olympic Stadium from January 29 to 31. The group as always lived up to their name, putting on a Big Show to some 40,000 screaming fans. The 2010 Big Show Live Concert Album features 17 live tracks from the tour, including representative Korean hits Remember and Haru Haru, their recent Japanese singles Gara Gara Go and Koe wo Kikasete, and solo numbers Heartbreaker and Strong Baby. The live album also comes with a Bonus CD containing T.O.P's new solo Turn It Up, Big Bang's Iris theme song Hallelujah, and remix versions of Lie and Stylish.

Expected release date: June 25, 2010 (in YesAsia)

01. 거짓말 - hitchhiker remix
02. 가라가라 고!! (GARA GARA GO!!)
03. 코에오키카세떼
04. 할렐루야
05. Strong baby – hitchhiker remix
06. Where u at
07. How Gee
08. STYLISH (THE FILA) - Perry remix
09. 솜사탕
10. 눈물뿐인 바보 & & I don't understand
11. 멍청한 사랑 & Oh ma baby
12. Remember
13. Stay
14. 하루하루
15. Heartbreaker
16. 천국 & 바보
17. 붉은 노을
02. 할렐루야
03. STYLISH (THE FILA) - Perry remix
04. 거짓말 - hitchhiker remix

Countdown to Taeyang's Album Release Starts

Two track names released:

Sources: YesAsia, YG Entertainment - TAEYANG

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