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15 June 2010

Big Bang spotted with their unique fashion sense at recent World Cup event

Idol Big Bang appears in front of local fans after being awhile for a while.

Big Bang was spotted at the opening of Hyundai Fan Park on 11th June at 8pm. And walking down the red carpet for the event, members GDragon and TOP’s fashion have caught the attention of many fans.

GDragon ‘blue jeans fashion’ with the contrasting red tee he was wearing has earned the praises of many netizens. He was also seen with a simple pair of blue shades, with an image different from his usual ‘bling bling’ accessorised concept. As for TOP, he was seen with a black zipper jacket and dark jeans, paired with the red shirt he was wearing. His unique fashion accessories like his red hat with the prints of 2 horns and red shades have caught the attention of many netizens anf fans.

S: Newsen

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