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16 June 2010

Big Bang on Female Weekly," If I Go On A Date... "

Exclusive Interview
Zoom Up ・ Real Voice
Questions directed to 5 of them!!
① Things you want to say "Goodbye" to?
② Anything pleasant happened recently that caused you to 'hands up'?
③ If you go on a date this summer...

T.O.P 22/ Rap
① Instead of abandoning some thing, I have a stronger will to learn and accept new things.
② The war film 'Into the Fire', which I put much effort during the shooting, is about to start screening in Korea.
③ Places such as a wine bar or cafe in Daikanyama area. I want to spend a relaxed day with my date at a quiet place. (Talking in a depressed tone), I have yet to meet my dream girl...

D-Lite 21/ Vocal
① I want to become more serious and cautious in the future.
② I am happy everyday. Even now (during the interview), I am very excited.
③ I really want to spend a day at Fuji-Q Highland*, so I will bring my date there. It would be great if I could meet my true love soon.

SOL 22/ Vocal
① I want to say goodbye to my ruefulness towards lost friends as well as my personally wants. Thus, to become a more mature adult who can create more pieces of good music.
② My solo album that takes me almost one year to prepare, is soon going to be released in Korea.
③ I would bring my beloved one to the sea of Okinawa. The same as D-Lite, wish I could soon find my destined one.

V.I 19/ Vocal
① My habit of blinking my eyes too much, goodbye!
② That would be receiving awards at VMAJ. Moreover, things like being awaken by energetic songs in the morning or getting drive-through food while driving.
③ I want to spend my date at the sea of Okinawa with a girl who has scuba diving certificate. Therefore, I can let her teach me diving.

G-Dragon 21/ Rap
① Up till now, the answer is no. If I really have to say one, then it's my old habit of biting my nails. It started when I was 8, and probably would last till I turn 80.
② The experience of a ride on FUJIYAMA in Fuji-Q Highland. That was thrilling fun that I could not control myself but to lift my hands up (:D).
③ I'll choose a park in Japan. It's quite a rare scene in Korea to see couples having food, playing music and singing together. I will make box lunches on Sunday morning and then go for a picnic with my girlfriend. My girlfriend? All of my fans are my girlfriends!

**Note: Fuji-Q Highland is a famous amusement park in Japan. Fujiyama is the longest and tallest rollercoaster in Fuji-Q Highland. 

Source: 週刊女性 Photos: 가호애미@bestiz Translated by JANE @ www.bigbangupdates.com ( ^ sorry mods i can't find those ) S: bigbangupdates

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