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15 June 2010

BEAST Yoon Doojoon is full of humor on 'Danbi'… 'Everything he says is a hit?'

[TV Report Jang Chisun Reporter] Only after a few months on ‘Danbi’, Yoon Doojoon had successfully won his place as a variety idol.

On the MBC weekend variety ‘Sunday Sunday Night – Danbi’ broadcasted on the 13th, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon had shown off high variety feels.

On this episode of ‘Danbi’, SG Wannabe’s Kim Yongjoon had appeared as an intern volunteer. When MC Kim Yongman asked Yoon Doojoon, “What do you think about having a singer sunbae joined us,” Yoon Doojoon replied with arrogance, “Isn’t he a hoobae in Danbi?” causing laughter during the filming.

Also on this day, Yoon Doojoon had successfully shown off the ‘Shock’ stage with the BEAST members. Yoon Doojoon, who is in charge of introducing the ways to contribute to Danbi, had introduced the various methods while dancing to ‘Shock’. Along with the extravagant dancing he stated, “Now, it is easy to contribute to Danbi. First come into the Sunday Night’s homepage…” causing laughter by displaying the contributing ways with perfection.

In addition, when the other MC, Jung Hyundong, accidentally introduced the ‘BEAST’ members by calling them ‘Bisucuit,’ Yoon Doojoon looked at the camera with a straight face and stated, “Fans, he just called Beast, Biscuit.”

On the comment page after the broadcast, viewers wrote, “Yoon Doojoon’s abilities to come in to a conversation is really surprising” and “He doesn’t seem to be behind the sunbaes of the entertainment industry.”

Picture = Captured from MBC 'Sunday Night – Danbi’

CREDITS: TVReport (SOURCE); aoistars@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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