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09 June 2010

Amber Collabs with Taiwanese Popstar

It’s always about Amber, Amber, Amber. At least in this article it is. The popular f(x) member will soon be loaning her rap skills to another track.

f(x) member Amber will be featured in Taiwan popstar-cum-actor Tang Yuzhe (Danson Tang)’s third album’s title track, with rapping.

In the past 2 days in Taiwan there has been a lot of interest about his third album “D 一秒”(1 second) expected to be released on the 24th, with title track “I’m Back”, where Amber’s strong beats and powerful rapping in English and Korean will add charm to the song.

With this featuring, f(x)’s debut in Taiwan has been gaining a lot of interest, particularly for Amber whose parent was born in Taiwan, and with her excellent rapping skills, she received love calls (requests) from Danson’s company to work with him. Last May Amber had traveled to Taiwan for album recording and filming of music video, and the two of them will appear together in “I’m Back” music video in the coming 10 days.

Amber said, “This is my first trip to Taiwan after debut and I was very nervous but Danson took good care of me and his fans also supported me, it was a great experience.” Danson also said, “It was awkward the first time we met, but after some conversations it became enjoyable and things worked out smoothly.

Come to think of it, while Amber is arguably the (if not one of the) most popular members of the group, we really haven’t got a taste of what she’s capable of as a rapper. Maybe “I’m Back” will give her a chance to spit some lyrics, hardcore.

Source: Seoulbeats, The Star, Chosun
Translation Credits: (x)clusive / http://loveshouldgoon.wordpress.com

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