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16 June 2010

After School UEE caught in ‘belly fat embarrassment’ once again

A set of photos featuring After School UEE ‘belly fat embarrassment’ garners great interests online.

Recently, After School has participated in the filming of MBC every1 ‘Play Girls School’ and photos taken of UEE during the filming has attracted much interests from netizens. Known for her ‘honey thighs’, UEE was seen with ‘belly fat’ in the photos revealed. It seems that she has gained a little weight amidst the filming of her recent drama ‘Birdie Buddy’ where her role is a healthy golfer.

This is not the first time that UEE has been in the spotlight for such interests. Previously in her CF photos, many netizens have also pointed out her ‘belly fat’ showing despite her great S-line.

Netizens’ comments are, “I thought she is a mom-jjang (best bod) but knowing that she has belly fat too, she is human after all”, “It is only human to have that little amount of belly fat”, “She is still confidence nonetheless” etc.

S: TVReport

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