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17 June 2010

3rd week with no filming for WGM Jo Kwon-GaIn couple, slowly making an exit on the show?

It has been known that this is the 3rd week that the filming for Jo Kwon-GaIn made-believe couple on We Got Married has been put on hold.

It seems that the ‘Adam Couple’ has come into friction with the production team of We Got Married after they had appeared in both MBC ‘We Got Married’ and ‘SBS Family Outing’ late last month. Filming for WGM has been put on a hold ever since GaIn took part in the filming of SBS Family Outing 2 on 31st May.

The couple would do filming every Wednesday, but for the 2nd, 7th and 16th June, there were no filmings. There are speculations that there are filmings sufficient for more broadcast content since MBC had a strike previously. So there was no need for filming.

But a MBC variety show official said, “It is not normal for shows to stop filming for 3 weeks because there is enough content left for airing. It seems the possibility is bigger that there is friction between the production team and the agencies.”

Unlike the Adam Couple, Jung YongHwa-SeoHyun couple did filming for WGM on 15th June in Seoul. It seems that the explanation that there is still sufficient broadcast content hence they are taking a rest in filming. There are careful observations that the couple maybe making their exit from the show with the friction between the couple’s agencies and the production team.

While there are also officials who revealed that the couple will not be leaving the show just yet. GaIn has been receiving many lovecalls from other variethy shows and her agency has been paying visits to MBC Ilsan office on several occasions. It seems that they are in tune on their stands about GaIn on variety shows.

S: HanKookDaily

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