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05 June 2010


Special & Beautiful Guest, 2NE1!

2NE1, the only ones to guest at the Big Bang concert.

Even just as guests, they received a lot of response from the fans. On the last day of the concert, we talked about this and that with those lovely girls in the waiting room, while they were getting ready.

"Miss CL, how are you feeling today?"

"We haven't had many opportunities to stand on huge stages like this, since this stadium holds 1200 seats, I'm very nervous. Big Bang fans really know how to have a good time, so it seems like we're going to enjoy ourselves even more, so I'm excited."

"Miss Dara, you seem nervous. Your face is pale!"

"Yes! I didn't get nervous really often, even when appearing on stage for one year, but this time when we got up on stage on a lift, I was so nervous. I was seriously never this nervous before… I even made many mistakes when making comments on stage. Sigh, I'm nervous now, too."

"But Miss Minji, you're the magnae yet you don't seem nervous at all."

"My hand was shaking as well. But Big Bang fans love us a lot, too. When we were appearing as guests during the concert, it really didn't feel like we were 'visitors' and it felt like we were really one family. As a result, since I was able to have more fun performing, I feel relaxed."

"Miss Bom, if there was one thing you could learn from the Big Bang members, what would it be?"

"I think it's very cool seeing them working hard to fulfill their own roles. Acting, talent, musical, etc. they're a versatile group. Especially, I want to follow after Youngbae-kun's always hard-working self. Even without people telling him or watching him, he's always faithfully practising to the end! He's seriously amazing. I want to learn how to do a charismatic gaze from G-Dragon. Haha"

"Miss CL, what would be the most interesting program for today?"

"I thought Top's M/V is very cool. While I was featuring, I was curious about how it'd turn out, and I think the video is as sensible and cool as the music."

"What does Dara think?"

"For me, during the song called 'Always' the members fly around. I was so jealous! I definitely want to try it during our concert in the future, too."

"Even flying so high, will it be okay?"
"Yeess~! I think it'll be fun!"

"Yes, well then, up until the last day, please be strong and have a cool stage."
"Thank you~"


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