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09 June 2010

2AM twists their tongues for English

2AM spoke through UFO Radio and stated, "As soccer fans, we're all waiting for the world cup. We had something happen to us, actually." They then went on to reveal the situation at the time of their recording for world cup song 'No.1'

Jo Kwon stated, "During the recording for No.1, we met with a teacher that corrected our English pronunciations. We weren't used to the pronunciations and it was hard because my tongue kept twisting. However, we tried to sound as natural as possible to foreigners so we twisted our tongues and worked hard on the recording."

He also thought, "I think that FIFA has acknowledged the popularity of 2AM."

The other members also spoke through UFO Radio and stated, "We're glad that we 2AM are the only Asian singers represented in the 2010 South African world cup official album. This recording was meaningful to us and we had a fun time."

The 2010 South African World Cup official album, "Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album," features Shakira, R. Kelly, Pit Bully, John Legend and other highly regarded super stars. 2AM's song, 'No. 1,' has earned a positive response from fans, stating, "Their English pronunciations are natural enough for them to stand on a stage overseas immediately."

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