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06 June 2010

2AM practicing for their Birthday Party event

4-member group 2AM had a birthday party reminiscent of a mini-concert.

On the 29th at 5:30PM at Seoul Melon AX Hall, 2AM had a birthday party with more than 700 fans who greeted them with enormous cheers.

2AM said, "May is when 2AM descended," and joked around as they greeted fans.

They expressed their thankful hearts to their fans by singing Sweet Sorrow's 'I Love You.'

Leader Jo Kwon, who was the MC for that day's birthday party, said, "Please sing us the Happy Birthday song," and wished the other members Changmin, Seulong, and Jinwoon a happy birthday with a cake. The members said, "Our birthdays were so long ago, but you have rekindled the excitement for us, so thank you."

2AM fans took pictures with sign posts that said "I Love You" and gave them to the 2AM members. To return the meaning of the fans' gifts, Jo Kwon sang Lee Jung Hyun's 'Vogue Girl' and added an arrogant dance with the 'Jo Kwon mark' and gave roses to fans.

Jo Kwon said, "Now that you're the age of being part of society, you have to do as told," and told each member to take the stage individually. At this, Seulong, Changmin, and Jo Kwon perfectly recreated the motel scene from 'Personal Taste.' Seulong also lifted a fan and followed the scene from 'Personal Taste,' receiving cheers from fans.

Changmin sang the slow song 'Don't Swallow,' showing off his singing skills, and Jinwoon made the audience laugh by doing girl group dances by After School, Kara, and Secret.

After this, they had a section called 'We Have Questions' and directly asked questions of their fans. The fans gave their opinions of Seulong's acting, saying "We would like it if you just sang," drawing attention for their honestly.

2AM performed three songs, including 'Can't Let You Go If I Die,' 'I'm Sorry I Can't Smile For You,' and 'I Did Wrong.' After revealing a 5-minute video of their practicing for the birthday party, 2AM performed 'What Do I Do' from their debut album, showing fans a youthful performance.

2AM said, "Even if 10 years pass, let's continue together," and encouraged their fans' love. As they prepared to sing their last song, they had technical difficulties, so they sang 'This Song' and 'Like A Fool' in a capella versions, showing their skills in a spontaneous performance.

They sang Noel's 'Proposal' and came directly down to the audience as they communicated their thanks. The fans, who did not want to leave the performance area, yelled for an encore, so 2AM sang 'A Friend's Confession' and their sunbae singer g.o.d.'s 'One Candle' as they finished their meeting with their fans.

Meanwhile, 2AM and 2PM will be opening acts for the Wonder Girls' American tour in June.

Reported by: Jeon So Young
Credit: NATE News
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100529n06678

Translated by 49.5bananas @ Wild2Day.org

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