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05 June 2010

100604 Donghae & Eunhyuk’s Tweets on their 3rd win in MuBank ^^

Eunhyuk: 자…10주남았다!!!!! 규현아~ 얼른와서 상 가져가라~^^ 엘프고마워요~ 짱!!!!!
Translated: So… We now have 10 more weeks to go!!!!! Kyuhyun-ah~ Come and take our award~^^ ELF thank you~ jjang(the best)!!!!!

Donghae: 3주 1위!!! 엘프 너무너무 감사드려요!! 사랑한다 엘프! ㅎ 규현아 오늘의 1위 너 가져가라^^ 우리 막내 아프지 않길 주님이 지켜주실꺼야! 사랑한다 규현아 ^^
Translated: 3 weeks on 1st place!!! Thank you very very much ELF!! I love you ELF! ㅎ Kyuhyun-ah today we got 1st place^^ Our magnae is being taken care by the Lord so you won’t be sick! I love you Kyuhyun-ah ^^

Eunhyuk :오늘 진짜 조마조마했는데….아아 기분좋아!!
Translated: Today I was really nervous.. Ah ah I feel good!!

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