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01 May 2010

Shinee Jonghyun and MBLAQ Lee Joon Hang Out

Taken on the 22nd of April, photos of SHINee’s JongHyun and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon surfaced on a Chinese blog sparking much interest and intrigue among netizens.

These casual, pedestrian snapshots of the two show them to be waiting for the traffic lights at a juncture in Apgujeong and crossing the road together. JongHyun wears his usual disguise of a white face mask while Joon has on a fedora hat made chic with a feather accessory.

As both JongHyun and Lee Joon had caught the swine flu virus around the same time, it was known that they had gotten to know each other and became close friends after that.

Lee Joon had once mentioned at a television broadcast, “It’s nice that JongHyun kindly talked to me at the broadcast“, acknowledging that they are indeed friends.

Their friendship has been well received and welcomed by netizens and fans who have commented, “I hope to see more of them in the future” and “Really warm visual“.

Lee Joon’s recently filmed a beer commercial. Where group activities are concerned, MBLAQ’s comeback has been announced to take place in the first week of May. While it’s common knowledge that idols occasionally meet up, it’s still really nice to have photographic proof of idols from different companies meet up with each other outside of work.

Could this be the beginning of another idol pairing in the making? Let your imaginations run wild!

Source: Blingable @ Kpoplive

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