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04 May 2010

[NEWS] New Animation 'Juloring Animal Detectives', getting more fame with f(x)'s voices

The Korean Japanese animation, 'Juloring Animal Detectives' will be first aired on the 3rd on KBS 2TV.

JM Animation from Korea and SATERIGHT from Japan has made 'Juloring Animal Detectives' togther and are planning to have 50 episodes.

The animation is about 3 siblings who are detectives and are able to turn into animals with a secret compact.

For the 2nd part of 'Juloring Animal Detectives', they are planning to have some famous idols be a part in the dubbing.

The opening song 'The truth is (Shh!)' will be sung by the girl group f(x) and the ending song 'Sour Sweet Fresh' will be sung by Jin Sollee, addding more fame into it.

This animation will be aired every Monday at 4:40PM.

Source: TV Daily
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credit: aff(x)tion

here's the vid:

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