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01 May 2010

Lee MinHo’s follow up drama succeed! “Jeon JinHo Syndrome” hits South Korea!

Following his “Flower boy” nickname, actor/model Lee MinHo is getting himself new nicknames : “Honey Eyes” (kkulnunbit) and “Honey Young Boy” (kkuldongja) from the tv audience.

For his role in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Personal Preference”, Lee MinHo also called as Korea’s Hugh Grant as he caught every woman’s heart in Korea through his drama role.

In addition, it is also said that Korea is currently hit by “Jeon Jinho Syndrome“ that makes WanPanNam (Destiny Man) and MaeJinNam (Selling Out Man) nicknames gained its popularity as well.

A representative of Lee MinHo, “Lee MinHo is getting various nicknames for his Jeon JinHo role as we see from various internet bulletin board,” he said.


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