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02 May 2010

‘Hype Nation’ Jason Lee, “JaeBum is preparing for the press conference. Discussions for fanmeeting in the midst”

The director Jason Lee for upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’ starring AOM JaeBum reveals the most recent of JaeBum and also the plans for the movie.

Jason Lee was featured for a phone interview on KBS Entertainment News aired on 1st May where he said, “We are preparing for a press conference after we reached Korea and we are discussing if there should be a fanmeet.”

Jason Lee added, “JaeBum is currently focusing on singing, acting and exercising. He is also spending time with his family.” And about the movie, “Coming July, we will release a single album, and in December there will be a world tour. And for the filming, we will be in Korea from the first week of June for about 8 weeks.”

And when asked if there will be a fanmeeting in Korea, Jason Lee answered, “Of course there should be a fanmeeting, but as the schedule for the movie is very tight, we are still in discussions over it currently. But there will be a press conference for sure.”

With that, JaeBum will be back in Korea after 9 months since he left. There has been great interests as to whether he will reveal the real reason for his permanent sucession from 2PM.

S: TVReport

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