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11 April 2010

[Trans] 100410 Staff BLOG about Yoochun and His Upcoming Drama

In the midst of extra script check!!

Yuchun has been more frequently checking his script

In fact, the first time Yuchun got his script was only a day before the shooting started.

Having just checked the script book on the spot, Yuchun was reading each word and how they related to each other desperately. Until dawn, he kept doing a super intensive training to face the first day shooting.

Due to his highly nervous face, staff kept asking him repeatedly, “You look not good. Are you alright?”

Yet now, after less than a week, Yuchun started to vividly show his actor figure, and it is good…

Yesterday he secretly told me, “The day before the first shooting day, I was really nervous that I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Yuchun is working hard to figure his new challenge, all staffs are really touched

(^ o ^)

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by Dbsk Dream

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