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10 April 2010

[TRANS] 100408 Dancer KO's Feelings Towards TVXQ

(t/n: he selectively talks about things but doesn't elaborate on them so this may be a little confusing... he also refers to himself in the third person so try to understand the best you can)

In the past, I used to frequently write about TVXQ
But recently, I haven't been working with them, so the greetings have lessened
That... Today, a lot of time has past and I'm writing again
I want to say things to them. I feel like I'm about to cry
Mr KO also really likes them, but Mr KO...

As the group's leader, Yunho is really good to talk to and he puts a lot of effort into his solid dancing
Ever since I started working with him, I've always liked him
During the period of "Summer Dream", we used to play hand-games and I would always win! (laugh)

Changmin, it took me 4 years to remember his name
He is very earnest and friendly on-stage, and he would read a book very seriously backstage
But when he changes into someone completely different from his usual self, it is very interesting...
Changmin's smile in "Sky" is hard to forget, even until now
Doing something right still makes one subject to criticism, so what happens when one doesn't do one's best?
But, I really hope to do it in front Changmin one day. Who's laughing at me? (laugh)

Junsu, do you feel lonely? You can steal people's singing parts the best
When listening to such a lovely voice, I often become hypnotized. It brings the injured me back onto the stage

Jaejoong is the busiest now
He is such a compassionate person, being worried about Junsu when he was injured

Is Junsu ordinary? Once he steps off the stage, his charismatic leadership qualities appear
When they sing and dance, he looks over the nervous Changmin
When Junsu picked his solo 'Rainy Night', I was happier than anyone else
"What do you want KO?" He jokingly said in front of everyone (laugh)
But after that, no one mentioned it because we were all focused on the task, so the atmosphere didn't suit for it anymore.
I am very grateful that I was able to accompany the amazing dancing and singing on-stage
I cried when I became injured
Charisma, it really is Charismatic~

I think he is the most kind-hearted
Really Really
Aaahhhh~~~ I'm speechless now
Flinging the towels, deciding who the winner was, not doing high touches
It was all a misunderstanding. It wasn't Yoochun who didn't do it, it was me
I chuckle when I think about this

When we were shooting for a PV, people were wondering what KO was doing

It was truly delightful to perform together
When Yoochun was performing his solo, he would nervously smile
That was a very joyous time

I think they are artists who use their true feelings when they perform...

Source: [baidu tvxq]
Translation Credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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