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04 April 2010

T-ara Boram comes clean with her height, portal site profile height information changed from 164cm to 155cm

T-ara Jung BoRam gets a change in her profile on portal sites recently, her height stated on the profile has been changed by 164cm to 155cm.

At 2PM on 3rd April on various portal sites like Naver and Daum, there was a change in Boram’s profile photo and information. What had garnered much attention from netizen was that her height was changed from 164cm to 155cm. Initially when Jung Boram first debuted, her height of 164cm as stated has caused quite a happening with many netizens criticizing that it is not her true heigt.

And this time, with the change in her profile information, she has once again gone under fire. Jung BoRam has all this while refuted with, “I am not hiding that I’m 155cm. It is just that it has been known online that I am 164cm.”

Some of the netizens’ comments were “How can she not know that it was a lie?” etc while fans commented with “It is cool that she was honest about it.”

It is known that even though updating and maintaining of artistes’ profiles lies in the responsibilities of the portal sites, many a times they are also relayed by fans and the company. So because of that, very often the information may just be promotional rather than truth. There have been past cases where artistes have gone under fire by netizens with regards to some of the fake information posted on their profile on portal sites.


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