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11 April 2010

South Korean singer Uhm Jung Hwa thanks Big Bang fans on talk show

South Korean singer Uhm Jung Hwa was a guest on MBC's Golden Fishery. During the show, Uhm Jung Hwa give an account of her collaboration with Big Bang member TOP for the song 'D.I.S.C.O' two years ago.

Uhm Jung Hwa said : Sometimes I am very worried about junior female singers releasing new songs at the same time as me. I released a new album in year 2008 but for two weeks in a row, the new song wasn't even ranked at number one in the music chart. But then when singer Lee Hyori released her new song, it immediately occupied the number one spot. I took this opportunity and invited Big Bang member TOP to collaborate with me for a new song. In fact, YG generally will not write songs for other singers but at that time I was very satisfied with Big Bang's song 'Lies'. So I immediately gave a call to my agent and let him discuss, hoping that YG will work together with me. Later the agent readily accepted my request and recommended Big Bang member TOP to me. I feel at that time, the agent really made a lot of effort for me. And thus TOP also readily agreed to work together.

Lastly Uhm Jung Hwa said : After TOP and I went on stage together, many Big Bang fans cheered for me, I am very touched by this. Some fans also specially prepared lunch for me, I am very thankful for their support and encouragement.

source : TVDaily
translated by Miseremei.multiply.com
credit if re-post

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