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06 April 2010

Solbi makes her comeback with What Should I Do

Mix group Typhoon’s former female vocalist Solbi is making her return to the k-pop scene after a year long hiatus with her new single What Should I Do!

This will be Solbi’s first comeback as a solo act since the break-up of her group back in February. Many thought that Solbi had already left Typhoon and was pursuing a career alone. However, this was never the case. She had done solo work as an artist and as an entertainer, but she had been always been a Typhoon member during these periods.

In February, Solbi parted ways with Typhoon members Ji Hwan and Woo Jae. The group had decided that it was finally time to part ways and to go down their own separate paths. Now Solbi will be pursuing her solo career–this time, officially without Typhoon.

Solbi’s new song is definitely a different vibe from the current music trending on the k-pop scene. It’s being described to have a classic feel of happiness that’s been enjoyed by people everywhere since the 70s. Some listening are even claiming that it sounds slightly similar to SG Wannabe’s La La La.

Listen for yourselves.


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