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03 April 2010

[NEWS] Lee Hyori's "swing" revenge of the sexy diva?

Lee Hyori's "Swing" made a hot surprising release and comes back with the motto "hot singer strikes back".

With her comeback as a signer with her 4th album "H-Logic" the title track "Swing" music video unveiled a surprise. This noon on April 1 released the song and music video on Mnet.com (http://mnet.com/) and Naver and finally revealed to the public's ear.

With its earnest appeal to the heart, the lyrics and vocals blended for the song "Swing" and it is reminding netizens of the beautiful melody of the song. "Revenge of the sexy diva" as to assess and the reaction was explosive. The music video also was too stylish and appear to be vogue and dreamy.

Lee Hyori's agency Mnet Media said "Lee Hyori's new album would not be a radical idea like this in music. Long-term preparation paid over two years in preparing a comeback with the album as a surprise to be able to showcase the music, "he described as the 'swing' music video and music gives off a quite a different feeling.

Leesang's Gary pitched in for the song and the Retro hip hop musician feels strongly about it. The hip hop mix of the song has been refined. Lee Hyori and Leesang's own uniqe feel and sexy atmosphere blends well and had a magical feeling as a whole was accomplished.

The H Logic album complete with the meaning of H for Hyor ranked top on search portal sites and had an unexpected explosion of interest garnering 20,000 views upon release.
cr: dkpopnews
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