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30 April 2010

Lee Hyori & Kim HyunJoong, “We don’t use Twitter”. Fans beware of fake celebrity Twitter accounts!

There has been much interests amongst netizens whether the Twitter accounts for Lee Hyori and SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong is authentic. And it has been confirmed from the 2 that they do not use Twitter.

The account (ID: HyoriiLee) looked seemingly like an account set up by Mnet but it was confirmed that it is not authentic as confirmed by Mnet themselves. As for SS501 Kim HyunJoong’s case, DSP Media also confirms, “Kim HyunJoong has not Twitter.” So it is confirmed that the account (ID: SShyunjoong)is not authentic.

Meanwhile, recently talent Park GyeongRim also wrote on her Twitter, “To all my friends~There has been many cases of people impersonating as Korean celebrities on Twitter, I hope everyone will refrain from that.”

She added, “It has been confirmed that accounts for Ok TaecYeon and Jung JiHoon (Rain) are fake. I believed many international fans for these 2 are hurt from this.”

At the same time, a report has surfaced confirming that the recent Twitter account which seemingly looks like that of SM Entertainment (ID: smenttown) is fake. The account has over 6000 followers on Twitter. And what’s more is that the account has been releasing what seems like news of SM Entertainment singers.

There was this Tweet on 23rd April talking about BoA’s comeback confirmed in August. SM Entertainment confirms that the account is fake, and that the comeback news are not real, “We do not have an official Twitter account for our company. We hope that fans will not get misunderstood. We are currently requesting for the deletion of the account from Twitter.”


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