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17 April 2010

Jang MinByul chosen as the sexy ‘Big Bang Lollipop Girl’

Sexy girl Jang MinByul (23) has been chosen as sexy ‘Big Bang’s Girl’.

On the weekly program ‘Lollipop Girl Project’ organised by LG CYON and Mnet, Jang MinByul who has been chosen under the sexy concept for Lollipop Girl, has been gaining much attention from the males.

Jang MinByul having been chosen out from the 10k participants for the project, has surpassed the other 2 finalists to be #1 under the sexy category. Showcasing her powerful dance and vocals on the show, Jang MinByul has also been coined as the ‘Elite Lolligirl’

After the first episode of the show, the participant who received the highest interests from the netizens is also Jang MinByul. According to officials, Jang MinByul has already received many proposals for CF and modelling endorsements.

from sookyeong.wordpress

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