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02 April 2010

f(x) Sulli, “When I first met Kim HeeChul at 12 years old, I cried a lot”

f(x) Sulli talks about the incident when she first met Super Junior Heechul.

Sulli had appeared on Super Junior HeeChul’s SBS PowerFM ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Story’ with So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Super Junior DongHae.

Jessica talked about her first impression of Kim HeeChul, “He is a very cold person and he knows that he is good looking. To add on to that, he is much older and it is hard to be comfortable and at ease around him. For my first impression, it was not good.”

And then Sulli said, “That’s strange. When I first met Kim HeeChul I was 12 years old and still a kid. But he still tormented me. Kim Heechul is known to have made me cry a lot during my trainee days.”

With that, listeners commented, “It is fun to listen to the true stories told by them”, “Listening to the stories by the guest appearance make me feel more flose to the DJ” etc.

The show will be on air everyday at 8pm.


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