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30 April 2010

f(x) Amber under criticisms again, “She’s really not a guy?”

Girlgroup f(x) member Amber has once again been caught under criticisms of her gender through her recent photoshoot.

Amber was seen doing a couple concept with the other members for the group’s latest K-Swiss photoshoot. And she was seen wearing guy’s outfit throughout the whole photoshoot, playing the role as a guy.

An official said, “Amber wears the guy outfit and plays the role of a guy, taking turns to take photos with the other members.” It was said that not only in terms of the appearance, Amber’s facial expression was also much masculine, creating the perfect couple atmosphere.

There has been much criticisms of such about Amber even before her debut. With her short hairstyle and powerful stage manner, she was confused as a guy member by many fans.


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