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10 April 2010

DARA NEW me2day update

Original message:

아까 운동을 끝내고 나오는데 날씨가 너무 따듯하고 좋았다ㅋ얼른 숙소로 돌아가 시원~해보이는옷을입고 꽃구경을하러 나갔다! 그런데..흠 막상 나와보니 꽂은어디에? 이거 배경만보면 완전 겨울이죠?ㅋ그리구 사실…좀 추워요ㅠㅠ흑흑흑 앗 추워!!!

In English:

A little while ago I came out after exercising and the weather was really warm and niceㅋ Was quickly heading back to the apartment at first~ to do some flower viewing, so I put on some visible clothes and went out! But..hmm, strolling along and I thought, is it still Winter?ㅋ It’s true…it’s a little coldㅠㅠ*sniffsniffsniff* Ah, cold!!!

Cr: for trans aa-chan

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