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30 April 2010

After School’s company refutes accusations of choreography plagiarism for ‘Bang!’

After School’s side refutes allegations of plagiarism for the choreography of their new song ‘Bang!’. It is known that their agency has spoken up about the recent happening on Youtube with a choreograph accusing the group of choreography plagiarism.

With that, a Pledis rep spoke up, “Of the whole choreography to the song that lasts for 3 minutes and 18 seconds, the only part that seems similar last for less than 3 seconds, it is unreasonable to say that there has been plagiarism.” The rep emphasized, “The dance to the song was created by both our American and Korean choreographers.”

It was also added that, “Dance is a common lanaguage to all with no nationality barriers. You cannot say that it is plagiarism when there can be similarities in some of the dance steps. We wish that the problem will stop here and there will be no more criticisms of this sort.”


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