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16 March 2010

Why Taeyang was chosen to open for Brian Mcknight

Opening performance by the trendiest R&B star, Taeyang (Big Bang)! This upcoming domestic concert flaunts a variety of awesome guests. Before the main concert Taeyang, the top Korean R&B artist will have an opening performance.

McKnight, who wanted his background information accepted the second he saw one of Taeyang’s videos. Taeyang, who is complimented for staying true to black music even in Korea is also one of the trendiest R&B stars.

The fact that he also opened for Alicia Keys a while back proves him as an R&B singer accepted by international artists. With his prominent skills, it might be good to expect his work in the States in the near future.

Hello, this is Vincero Concert Management’s Manager Kim _____. The event of Taeyang opening for Brian McKnight’s upcoming concert was suggested by us. We thought Taeyang was the Korean artist with the most international feel so we suggested it to Brian McKnight and his representatives, who checked his background information and decided to have him open at the concert. I hope this answers your question. Thank you.

Translated sjay.x @ bbvip

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