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22 March 2010

[TRANS] 100321 Karen Miyama Blog Entry

*T/N Another Tohoshinki celebrity fan! Actress Karen Miyama mentioned them in her blog.‏ She was the actress who was in the Korean drama “IRIS” as the little girl’s house who lets Lee Byung Hun stay.

Title: Finished Shooting

Today was the last photo shooting day of “cyber”
I was able to wear a lot of clothes I usually don’t wear~

I did this game called “kokoro scandal” today during the filming, it’s a DS software but it tells you your current feelings or it can help you find yourself by just speaking to it.
It was really fun and I was doing it the whole time
It tells you the type of guys you like and it seems that my type is a student that is tall.

It’s really fun so please try it!

Today was hot-
Maybe because it was inside the studio??
I really tried hard so please check the catalog for Cyber Gadget and hopefully have interest in the items.
Gachapin was so cute~

Also the cameraman gave me a cute skull necklace!!
It’s shiney and really cute!
Thank you!
And the cameraman picked Tohoshinki’s song for me!

I was able to do the photo shoot havng fun!
Thank you again!

And and!!
It’s surprising!
I won the Tohoshinki’s Pinky Campaign Present!
Tohoshinki’s Cuo Card and huge poster!

I’m soo happy.
I think ill listen to Tohoshinki on my iPod tonight and be able to sleep well!!!

okay, bye


source: karen-mi
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by Dbsk Dream

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