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19 March 2010

Taeyeon “Plastic Surgery? My Mom Will Be Upset!”

“I did not have plastic surgery. If my mom hears these stories, my mom’s heart will ache!”

SNSD’s Taeyeon showed her feelings about the false accusations of netizens of her having plastic surgery. Taeyeon mentioned this on her radio show, MBC Radio FM4U’s “Taeyeon’s Best Friend (Chinhan Chingu)”.

While discussing about plastic surgery with her guest, Taeyeon added, “I’ve gotten some misunderstandings relating to this topic as well. ‘She fixed her eyes…she fixed her nose… etc…’ Everyone, I didn’t have plastic surgery! I didn’t fix my nose or eyes. My mom will be very sad if these stories are going around about her daughter that she gave birth to with her own strength…” and showed her sadness about the suspicions going around.

This remark that Taeyeon made seems as though she was expressing her distress about pictures going around the internet comparing her past and current image.

On the other side, SNSD will release their repackage album ‘Run Devil Run’ on March 22nd with their new sexy look.

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