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11 March 2010

T-ara, “Competition with KARA? Of course not!”

With Kara’s comeback coinciding with T-ara’s repackaged album promotions, people have pitted both groups against each other for having a similar concept to one another. After T-ara’s song “Go Crazy Because of You” entered the charts last week, it successfully kicked Kara’s “Lupin” out of the number 1 spot.

But despite what people are saying, these two groups are far from competitors or enemies. In-fact these two groups have grown close to each other for sharing the same practice room in music shows and for variety shows that they participate in.

T-ara’s Hyomin says, “Ive grown close to Hara from Kara because of ‘Invincible Youth’. She’s really playful like I am and sometimes it seems she’s the bigger sister (unnie).”

In another transition soon, T-ara will remove their gothic clothes and put on their charms as they will promote their 2nd bonus single “Im Really Hurt”.

S: Tiaradiadem

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